saya sayang kamu!

saya sayang kamu!
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

silent ...

... :'(

Im yours forever ...
but why Im so sad today ?
It is because I've been missing you alot ?
It is because Im afraid that someday , I might lost you forever ?
Or it is because I've not given you enough love and care about you this past few days ?

Im lost ...
Without you , I can survive ?
Can I breath with my deeply soul ?
If I'll die young ,would you ever think about me like every second of your days and Life ?

Well , baby ...
I wont leave you , I wont ...
I wanna have your babies , and live happily ever after ...
Never endless for our love to be cherish :')

I wanted you to know that I loved you from the bottom of my heart ..
You'll gonna be mine all the time til' Jannah ..
Insyaallah :')

Allah , if he's the one for me ..
Please let's us be together til' the last breath of mine ...
I loved him so much , he meant everything to me ad I'll promised that I will take care of him and never stop from loving him ...
Iloveyou Muhammad Alif Nazmi Bin Abdullah :)

p/s; Allah , please give me your strengh for my love for him :')

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